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2006 06 18
Dumb Car

With the discourse on Global Climate Change reaching new awarness levels, maybe we will finally be able get the car we want.

For out-of-town trips we have frequently rented cars from the usual suspects: Hertz, Avis, even Rent-A-Wreck. When booking a car, we always tell the place in question that we would like a subcompact. Invariably, we end up with a midsize lug, and a long list of excuses. Arguments in rental offices ensue that usually end like this:

"Why is it when we rent a car from you, you ask us (with feigned concern) what kind of car we want, and then you never bother to give it to us?"

Obviously, most rental places just don't carry many small cars. I guess the problem is business related. When a car is being "expense accounted" it doesn't really matter how big or how much it costs or how much gas it guzzles. Hertz now features a "fun" car section, loaded with fuel-suckers, for, well... fuel suckers.

Maybe some smart, forward thinking entrepreneur out there will start up a rental company that can finally give us the small car we ask for...

[email this story] Posted by David Ross on 06/18
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