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2006 03 26
Would you like English or French with that refrigerator?
Similar Model (Not exactly as shown)

We just bought a new refrigerator (dinged up floor model, scratch on door and top, 20% off) from the nice people at Home Depot.

Actually it was one nice person Sanita (name tag). She was speaking in French to a customer before she came over to me. So I asked (in French):

"Y a-t-il un escompte pour ce frigo?" (Is there a discount on this fridge?)

She hears my (bad) accent and grammar and immediately switches into English (happens all the time).

We discuss virtues of said refrigerator. Sanita thinks she can probably get me 10% but isn't sure.

Then a call comes over the PA for her ("Sanita, ligne deux, deux, linge deux Sanita"). She goes off and answers call.

I stare at the fridge some more. Measure it. Think about how much discount I will likely be offered. (Estimate 15% if I'm lucky) Wonder how I will get it home. (Delivery, $25).

Sanita comes back (a bit rushed), and says (in English):

"OK, yeah, the fridge, it is a bit scra... oh my god, I forgot: were we speaking in French or English?"

"English is fine", I say. "How about 20%?"

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