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2006 01 22
Where The Snow Goes

"It bothered me to hear that the snow is called waste and treated like garbage, but I kept listening in the hope of finding my way to the snow mountain."

Designer/author Patrick Evans has done what, on the face of it, sounds like an impossible task: written a children's book about municipal planning and waste management.

Described as 'a masterpiece of neo-constructivist municipal fiction' Where the Snow Goes is equal parts infrastructure explication and surreal adventure story that tells the tale of how Montreal deals with 7 million cubic meters of snow that end up on its streets every winter.

Yes, we learn facts about how the city manages its waste, but the real charm of this small book lies in how its narrator learns to dream of better things to do with the white stuff. Currently, Montreal 'dumps' its excess snow in a quarry near the city, but the narrator discovers compelling uses for it (like building a 'snow wall' around the perimeter of the city).

This book should be standard reading for every architect, urban planner, waste managment consultant, politician and parent in the country. Originally published in French as Ou va la Neige, the book is available at the CCA bookshop and online at Chapters.

Where The Snow Goes
by Patrick Evans
Published by Smith, Bonappétit & Son
ISBN 1-897118-02-3

Patrick Evans is co-founder of the architectural collective MEDIUM.
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