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2006 05 15
Weather Report Part 1
by Lian Chang


Monday, May 1, 2006. Sunny, a high of 23°C. Seven months of slush, snow and general grayness evaporate under a cajoling sun. For days, if not weeks, subtle shifts in the chromatic structure of the universe have been quietly developing, but this is the first day I notice it. I’m not talking about the forced cheer of underground malls in February, or the obscure shades of brown under the retreating snow of early spring, but the kind of color that enters your pores when you boldly step out in shorts for the first time in the season, the colour that catches you in the lungs when you see green on the mountain. In the evening, I gather my coat and mitts into a suitcase, and let my leaky and salt-stained boots retire, after two long Montreal winters, to the trash.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006. Windy, with heavy rain and a high of 13°C. A minor setback. I return, soaked, from a run on the mountain and step into another, much hotter, shower inside. Several hours later, I am dry. Body ecstatic, body sore. Sniffles.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006. Light rain and a high of 12°C. Just enough rain so that tennis is cancelled. Sniffles have not gone away. It turns out that the exhilarating color I felt sweeping into my lungs from the mountain was an allergic reaction to pollen. Continual dripping from my nose requires me to keep tissues in my pocket, in my backpack, at my desk and beside my bed. The skin around my nose is sore from over-use. My face is inflamed, but I remind myself to never, ever touch my eyes.

Thursday, May 4, 2006. Heavy mist, light rain, and a high of 24°C. I look out my window and see nothing.

Friday, May 5, 2006. Partly cloudy, a high of 20°C. After a night battling allergy and allergy-medication induced insomnia, I fall asleep sitting upright in bed at 5:30 am. At 7:55 am I wake up with the morning sun beaming in my window. Sun ecstatic, sun sore. I curse the perfect weather and sit at my desk and blow my nose.

Saturday, May 6, 2006. Rain, a high of 13°C. A visiting friend enthuses about the rain, and the trees in bloom. Beautiful city, would like to move here. I nod unenthusiastically over coffee. Nice to see you, too.

Sunday, May 7, 2006. Clear skies, a high of 14°C. Still no sleep but determined not to let that get in my way. Play tennis at 9 am with heavy doses of antihistamines. Crisp air, red hands. Twelve hours later I am asleep. Relief.

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