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2005 10 14
Two Windows on a Rainy Night
In a building that should be overlooking a Venetian canal, a couple dances to unheard sounds. Or perhaps there is no sound at all save for that of a heeled shoe drawing a purposeful arc across the floor. Tango Libre is a dance studio and cultural space on Marianne.

Blinking like a Christmas tree on a barren corner of Papineau, Elvis mets ses culottes! An altogether different form of pelvic motion, Ameublement Elvis caters to those in search of used appliance Graceland.
[email this story] Posted by Alexandra McIntosh on 10/14 at 04:47 PM
  1. I like the very visual description of an ordinary day of ordinary people in Italy. Depictions like these help me to grasp the story better.

    Posted by Wong PoKér Hu Online  on  11/15  at  08:44 AM
  2. Nice narration. Without the picture, I would think that the house was a mansion. I like the story telling. It reminds me of the good old days when i have to peep at the window to invite my friend for a swim.

    Posted by Wong PoKér Hu Online  on  11/15  at  08:44 AM

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