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2006 01 28
Truth and Fiction Lebanese Style
Car with car engine suspended 15 meters above it

We Can Make Rain But No One Came To Ask:
Documents from The Atlas Group Archive

In the spirit of this week's "focus on fiction" we can't help but point out the exhibition currently on view at the Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery at Concordia.

Known for their assiduous blurring of boundaries between fact and fiction, The Atlas Group rewrite the idea of truth as it is rendered through "objective" archival information. Not to be missed.

From the B&A Art Gallery web site:
Based in Beirut and New York The Atlas Group is a project and foundation created by Walid Raad in 1999 to locate, preserve, study and produce audio, visual, literary and other artifacts that shed light on the contemporary history of Lebanon. Through collaborations with various professionals, The Atlas Group has produced an extensive archive of photographs, videos, notebooks, and sculptural works that document the effects of the Lebanese Civil Wars. Central to their concerns is the inherent failure of such an archive to definitively convey the effects of catastrophic events. While many of these documents are based on factual evidence gathered from police files, newspapers and press images, many come from unorthodox sources, collective memories and fictional characters created by The Atlas Group pointing to innumerable other apprehensions of the event. The result is a blurred distinction between the real and the imagined, which questions how such “facts and events” are represented and mediated as part of the history of Lebanon.

Exhibition continues till March 4th.
[email this story] Posted by David Ross on 01/28 at 10:27 AM
  1. I see you are still gallery bound. Love you

    Posted by mom  on  02/14  at  12:46 AM

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