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2006 05 23
The Alstom Series: the End
By Diana Shearwood

A second online exhibition for Reading Montréal this month: Diana Shearwood presents images of the abandoned Alstom factory.


The artist's comment:

In 1997 I withdrew from the stressful and chaotic environment of the special effects software industry. As a means of recovering from its intensity I began to photograph the built environment. The first series entitled the ZONE traces the transformation of a former locomotive repair shop into a high tech design and production space. The second records the glass and titanium surfaces of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao during the early hours of the morning. The third depicts two desolate motels in the California desert. The final complete series, Silo No 5, explores every nook and cranny of a complex of abandoned grain elevators in the centre of Montréal. I was drawn to these isolated spots in part because they contained no people, but also because they are places of great beauty where a person can spend hours, days and months wandering and meditating. I returned to these architectural sites so often that I began to feel possessed by them. Uncharacteristically I visited the Alstom factory only once. It was magnificent yet I shot a single roll of film and I never went back. Perhaps I've recovered. Here are the pictures.
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