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2006 04 20
Tell this man what you think.
Our man in Ottawa

Well here's a first; a Reading Montreal post about politics.

Our new federal government has repeatedly ducked questions from the press and in the House of Commons about what they plan to do for the arts. There was almost nothing in the throne speech to indicate that culture matters to Canadians.

We have learned that in the tiny window of time between April 6th and today, the government is asking for input from the public about the upcoming budget.

They have been quite quiet about it, but it's all on line. To find out more go here.

Comments are accepted from anyone who wants to participate.

You can email your comments directly to

If you think arts funding is important (we have a sneaking suspicion that it might not be a big concern for them), you might want to drop them a line.

[email this story] Posted by David Ross on 04/20 at 10:56 AM
  1. i really don’t trust that man’s lips.

    Posted by jon  on  04/22  at  04:34 AM

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