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2006 06 26
Surge and Swell
Mexico City Dowtown by pulpolux

We know the summer is in full swing since we don't hear the swell of small voices anymore in the morning during drop-off time. Or at recess. Or at lunch. Or at recess. Or at dismissal. Or after dismissal. That's right. School's out and the playground across from our house is once again silent for the summer season. I have to say we kind of miss the chorus of high-pitched girl screams and that one particular boy whose early morning whooping and hollering signals the start of the day for us.

We noticed this sonic lacuna today as we had coffee out on the wee porch and it made us think about city sounds and how they change over time and through the seasons - growing, diminishing, but always expanding in some exponential way. It seemed apropos then, that at this very moment the Guardian Weekly article that caught my eye was entitled, "Urban population to overtake country dwellers for first time." If nothing else, the shock factor of realising what such a statistic means made me go to the United Nations website, something that we rarely (but should) do.

For those of you who are regular UN surfers (and there are some who know the HUGE spread of this site intimately), you are the converted and committed statistic hogs who correct everyone's mis-information and steer the dinner party conversations into slightly more realistic territory. Thanks for that. Now that we've discovered the page for the Department of Economic and Social Affairs Population Division, our musings about everything from school playground populations to the 30,000 people a day who are moving into a city like Shanghai will hopefully be a little more informed.

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