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2006 05 04
Pop! 3: Loft Gen X

Last year, Voir newspaper launched a special insert on urbanism, architecture, design, and real estate called Voir la ville. In addition to articles on new projects, upcoming exhibitions, and local designers, the insert features an “open house” on a new condo development. The majority of advertisers are, naturally, developers and real estate agencies, and the insert is full of wide-angle shots of minimalist bedrooms and stainless-steel kitchens.

But this choice ad makes a weekly appearance. Unlike the other condo developments, from the “variations on a clone” school of design, the exposed brick and big windows of Loft Gen X emit cool, industrial toughness - a living space for the grunge-set. Those intrepid explorers who blazed a trail in plaid (and who, if is to be believed, are apparently an advanced race of beings taller than their predecessors and more susceptible to the mental health benefits of exposure to daylight) are ripe for a little old-school loft living.

On closer inspection, however, Loft Gen X is not in fact the usual instant lifestyle conversion job, but a brand new building “inspired” by industrial architecture. The clever developers of the project have combined typical elements of industrial buildings such as large windows, high ceilings, and open floor plans with all the conveniences of new construction to create a “truly urban lifestyle.”

And it’s located in HoMa. Pardon? Unfamiliar with this next “in” neighbourhood? It is not SoHo, not TriBeCa, and not the next hotspot, but Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, one of the poorest neighbourhoods of the city.
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