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2005 12 02
Plus Ça Climate Change
Dr. Harland Watson, Senior Climate Negotiator for the United States

For the next 8 days a United Nations conference on climate change is taking place in the city. About 10,000 scientists, environmentalists and politicians from 180 countries around the world will be discussing the next phases of the the Kyoto Protocol.

Among Wednesday's delegates was Dr. Harland Watson, Senior Climate Negotiator for the United States delegation. In his keynote address Mr. Watson said,"The US is focused on making progress". He didn't define exactly what kind of 'progress' he meant, but we can safely assume that he was referring to the US's economic, not climatic health, as he later said: "We can't expect any country to sacrifice its economic growth to solely address climate change, particularly large developing countries."

Find out more about the US's official position on the matter, along with many other countries' positions, through the list of live feeds at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change/La Conference de Nations Unies sur les changements climatiques offical web site.

Find out Canada's official position on climate change here.

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