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2006 05 14
Pigeon Patrol
By Trudy Wong


The apartment was perfect…except for a tiny oversight that escaped us on our initial, giddy visit. The back balcony had bits of chicken wire and white drippings along the wall; sure signs of problems with pigeons.

Our neighbour across the courtyard hired someone to enclose his whole balcony in chicken wire. We thought we would be more resourceful (and cheap) and I got on the internet.

Pigeon Patrol Attempts to date: Sprinkling crushed moth balls all over the balcony. Propping up old CDs to scare them off. Spraying WD-40 on the balcony floor. Chicken wire on the BBQ. Chicken wire around the BBQ. Long toothpicks in the flower boxes. That hideous, useless, plastic owl. Chicken wire along the base of the balcony railing. Chicken wire above the balcony railing (attached to the laundry line).

But throughout we’ve seen more white drippings, 4 eggs, and the constant gur-gur-gurgling of roosting pigeons. I always thought that pigeons were stupid. They seem pretty resourceful to me. Is it possible that a couple of pigeons can hinder my domestic bliss? Can this be the dark underbelly of the city dweller? Pests, rodents, critters that dwell in our household tools, our garbage cans, recycling bins, hoses, and flowerboxes?

Our balcony looks like a maze of chicken wire and debris, and throughout it all, the drippings and droppings of a couple of lousy pigeons.
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