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2005 10 29
On the current state of civility, locality and possession

Two weeks ago we rented a car to take a long trip. When we finally got home, we realized that we did not have our cell phone with us.

Our first thought was to call our own phone. No luck. Our second thought was to call the car rental place to see if we had left the phone in the car. No luck.

So we thought, maybe if we wait, it will turn up. And it did, but not in a manner we expected.

Last Sunday our home phone rang.

"Hi. You don't know me, but, do you know anyone who has lost a phone recently?"
"Yes! Me!"

And so it went. The person on the phone was Vladimir. He had ended up with the same car-for a weekend jaunt out of town- that we had had the week prior. He found our phone while rummaging around in the glove box.
He called the last number to show up on its 'missed calls' list. Got us, then proceed to drive the phone directly to us. We met him steps from our place, he handed the phone to us, shrugged the whole thing off, smiled and drove away.

[email this story] Posted by David Ross on 10/29 at 04:49 PM

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