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2005 11 17
Montréal Walkups: No. 5
By Lance Blomgren

Image: Lance Blomgren

Today's entry contains language of a sexual nature. Eds

5170 Durocher

In this photograph, the two brothers are sitting on the sofa squinting. Wrapping paper everywhere. If this were a film their lips would be moving and they’d be talking at the same time. They’d be up to their necks in giftwrap. Already the face of the youngest is the face of someone with something to hide. There are small wrinkles around his eyes that he’s proud of. This photo records the moment when the idea struck him, If only there was a dictionary that would tell me how to act. He’s holding his breath. The walls seem to be squeezing in around him.

4863 Hôtel-de-Ville
Squatting with each leg on a side of the bathtub, she rubs her crotch up and down the length of his face in long slow strokes as he sits submerged in the tub. She’s still in her underwear and he can feel the wet heat of her body coming through the thin fabric, the dogmatic outline of her lips. The water is getting cold. He can feel his arms goosepimple, his skin pull into itself. The next-door neighbour is pounding out a fast, ceaseless rhythm on the wall and the bathwater ripples in unison. Is that voice really saying “get a womb?” His mouth presses into the wet cotton, stretching the material as his tongue traces patterns in the folds of her pussy, tries to push inside. He finds himself underwater. Her panties are pressed firmly against his mouth and his soapy finger is tickling her bum in an ever-tightening spiral motion. Looking up at her through the blur of the bathwater he can see her bite a knuckle in a poor attempt to stifle her screaming laughter, but even underwater their combined cacophony has completely blocked out the sound of the angry neighbour. They’ll probably have to move again, of course. They’ve been warned. His tongue gets around the elastic of her underwear and suddenly everything’s blue. Tabula Rasa. Already he can see the angry face of the landlord, the eviction notice taped to his door
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