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2005 11 15
Montréal Walkups: No. 3
By Lance Blomgren

Image: Charles Chalmers

4289 St. Emile

Overlooking the terrace of an Italian style café from the vista of her second-story kitchen window. A young girl folds a newspaper flyer into halves. A younger girl wields the scissors, begins snipping. A moment later a chain of hearts emerges. Laundry soap, chicken breasts, a stray lip, some teeth. The two giggle as the hearts flap in the breeze, the chicken meat and lips waving like some sort of flag. Wagging lips and dancing chicken! Wagging lips and dancing chicken! Soon they’re in hysterics and the sale items look like they might come flying off the paper as the wind picks up. Then it happens. On the windowsill there’s an alarm clock blinking out the wrong time and a limp aloe plant blocking the view. The voyeur jumps up to see what’s going on. By the time she locates the scene, an unhappy looking man is pulling some soggy newsprint out of his bowl of soup—soap and teeth. The two girls are facing the other way, holding amazingly straight faces.
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