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2006 06 20
Montreal Cup
Brazil vs Croatia

I am not, by a long shot, a sports fan. Watching people watching games is a far more interesting spectator sport in my books. Which is, I suppose, why I noticed that the World Cup had started a few weeks back. Coffee bars and pubs suddendly triple the number of TVs they have; the number of people taking what appear to be three hour coffee breaks seems to be on the rise, and periodically, maybe everyother day or so, one hears the jubilant sound of whoops and cheers and honking as people form improptu motorcades. But what is most noticeable about this activity is its constancy.

The last time the World Cup was played I was living in England. When England was set to play a match, the streets would become errily deserted as people everywhere tuned into to watch Beckham and Co. do their thing. After the game, there was definitly no missing the fact that England had just played. Regardless of the outcome, the streets would fill with beer fueled enthusiasts. The songs would start, and the celebrations would continue until the pubs closed.

But this only happened when England was playing.

Montreal has amoungst its populace enough diversity to make it seem like every team in the world cup is in fact from Team Montreal. It's a nice way to be reminded that we live in a place that is an agregate of the world.

image Argentina vs Serbia

Germany vs Everyone

Portugal vs ?
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