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2005 12 14
Historical Refinement
By Alexandra McIntosh

Image: Montreal: The Commercial Metropolis of Canada and the History of the Gazette 1778-1907

In 1854, Canada Sugar Refining Co., later renamed Redpath Sugar, is established on the banks of the Lachine Canal.


Several complicated procedures later:


Gradual economic decline. The refinary closes in 1979 and remains empty for several years.

Image: Alexandra McIntosh, 2000

Considered one of the best spots for graffiti in town, and a source of illicit joy to urban infiltrators, the person-size hole in the fence is sealed and redevelopment begins. In 2005 the Redpath Lofts condo development is nominated for an Award of Excellence for architectural conversion by the Quebec Order of Architects.

Image: Société de développement de Montréal
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