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2005 10 24
Fountains of Fall
Unlike municipal swimming pools, which open long after the commence of flip-flop season and close before your stamina wilts at the floor-to-ceiling displays of rotating fans and a sweaty wad of cash is handed over, fountains are the perfect seasonal gauge.

An expression of both our reluctance to let go of summer and the refusal of the weather to comply with its seasonal titles, the tiered fruit bowls, Lake of Geneva jets, and rocky brooks continue to bubble, spurt, and flow with regulated enthusiasm.

Two in particular, Lafontaine Park and Carré Saint-Louis, have become my trusted measuring sticks. A quick glance on the cycle to work and I can take pride in my selection of the lighter jacket, the cotton scarf.

But there it is… a silent Saint-Louis, a dry patch in Lafontaine basin, and my denial of summer’s end starts to sink like water through leaf-clogged drains.
[email this story] Posted by Alexandra McIntosh on 10/24 at 06:37 PM

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