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2006 05 21
Discovered on a Leisurely Bicycle Ride…
By Felicity Tayler

Part 2


And so we come to the leisurely bicycle ride through Point Saint Charles on the evening of Good Friday (crucifixion day). This is where we discovered an Easter lawn display worthy of any Christmas celebration worth its salt. An abundance of brightly painted plywood eggs and glowing bunny lights emerging out of the murky spring half-darkness. Needless to say, we responded with a sense of wonder and delight regarding this exhibition of such singular dedication.

I can only guess at the initiator’s religious or secular motivations; however, it occurs to me that there may be no mistake in the choice of pagan symbols displayed: Easter eggs celebrating the return of spring - of new life, bunnies as a symbol of fertility... In the neighbourhood of the Point, a little bit of prosperity can go a long way. And a light display is always a great choice to improve on the local industrial landscape.

Felicity Tayler is an information specialist at Artexte Contemporary Art Information Centre and a member of the Centre de recherche urbaine de Montréal (crum). She lives in Saint Henri.
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