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2005 12 16
Crossings at Pine and Parc
By Suresh Perera


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Captured decaying and overgrown in July 2003 and on its deathbed in December 2005, a spaghetti of vehicular and pedestrian routes cross at avenue des Pins and avenue du Parc.

Once fuelled by the desires and dreams of modernity – an arrogant image of the ever-expanding city of tomorrow – the spaghetti, ruled by efficiency and economy since its birth in 1961, is to be replaced by a simple crossing, all at the same grade.

In an apparent gesture of dismissal, not so different than the one given 45 years ago, the existing sense of place is to be, once again, simply erased and replaced.

An occasional architect, Alec Suresh Perera brings to his work the memories and experiences of living in Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and North America. He completed a post-professional program in history and theory of architecture at McGill University (2004) and a professional architecture degree at Texas Technical University (1997). He lives in Montréal (

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