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2005 10 18
Airport Driver’s License

Apparently in Montreal, when you need to acquire a driver's license you have to go to the airport.

OK, not exactly the airport, but very close to it. The Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) has an office located at 2350 Boulevard Hymus. And Boulevard Hymus is in Dorval. And the airport is in Dorval.

Lacking a car the day I was scheduled for my appointment at the SAAQ, I was forced to take public transportation. My total door-to-door travel time was 2 hours and 14 minutes. I shared the ride (most of the time was spent on a bus) with 30 youngish Montrealers. Most, I guessed, were heading to jobs at the airport. Almost all of them were men. None of them looked happy. I would have to include myself in that list too, because the bus ride to the SAAQ office, in addition to being very long, was very very boring. We travelled through endless rows of single-story warehouses, most of them only differentiated by uninspired signs attached to small wooden uprights. The names of the businesses were mongrel combinations of hightech industry vagueness and geographic specificity. They all seemed futuristically latin in nature: NorAmTech. CanIim. Espiret. Transcom.

In order to get to the SAAQ I had to get off the bus and then I had to walk through a sequence of ex-urban spaces that were very obviously not designed to be negotiated by someone without car.

To be continued...
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