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2006 02 21
The Usual Suspects: HVW8
Inbeat Mural (c) 2004 Gene Pendon.

HVW8 is a collective made up of Gene Pendon, Dan Buller and Tyler Gybney, known for producing collaborative live painting canvas in music festival and music club settings, drawing from influences of street art, music, cultural and political iconography. As a collective they also operate an illustration and painting studio and have produced related music and art events in various international venues.

Toots (c) 2005 Gene Pendon, Dan Buller.

Where to find their stuff in the city: InBeat Music Store- commissioned mural, on St.Laurent; Jam Can music store - commissioned mural, St. Laurent and Mont Royal, also painting of Toots (Maytals) on display. Live Painting music hot spots like Daome, the SAT, the Goods, etc. Album covers: Bobbito, Earth, Wind and Fire, Ghislain Poirier, Constant Elevation. You can also check out their website here.

Louis Armstrong (c) 2005 Gene Pendon.

Roy Ayers (c) 2004 HVW8.
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