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2006 06 03


_transmit: 10.

.... // .... // .... // .... // .... //

ay.nat [call;]

[the city shifts, on fire, the sky without sun.

ay.nat [return;]

[the body shifts, on fire, the tongue without sun.

_going to bed late.

_ tobias c. van Veen
_ photo: Tanya Goehring
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2006 06 02


Who is that? (There, below.) Mis_spelled latecomer we attack you with this-- dOOR! For your perennial delay, of course. But while you are here-- have you seen this door? Do you know where it leads?


_ tobias c. van Veen
_ photo: Tanya Goehring
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Tagged City Part 2 (in progress)
I intended this to all be part of my previous post Tagged City, but I don't know, the sites we are all down or something. Anyway, I couldnt really discuss the intersection of the city with tagging and social networking without finishing up with three other sites catching up to flickR. that begin to describe the readings of montreal via the internet., and according to them, was "...founded in February 2005, by early commerce pioneers of PayPal...(as) a consumer media company for people to watch and share original videos worldwide through a Web experience" Yeah, it's a site where you can post digital video, of pretty much anything. But we're concentrating on Montreal here. And Tags. So, search Montreal and you come up with 661 videos as of this writing. The first five videos are entitled "Montreal" with the following descriptions:
A View of Some of the Buildings in Montreal!!, Nicole and Meghan are in Montreal!!, My Siblings and I Fooling Around in Montreal!, Montreal: Ice, Falls and Firemen! (capitalization and points of exclamation mine)
[email this story] Posted by Doug Moffat on 06/02
2006 06 01


Climbing things - in the city the monkey comes alive. A tagger runs laps around the concrete structures of the Stade Olympique. Up & down doorways and in & out of the cement and the sky. The climber of mountains calls the conquering of superstructures "buildering." When completing the letters of a BASE jump, it's the B, for Building, that often causes the Fear. Building, Antenna, Span, Earth. BASE. Fear, because of the Wind.

_ tobias c. van Veen
_ photo: Tanya Goehring
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2006 05 31


Since arriving in Montréal, the earliest perfected Québecois expressions are delivered by the Madame at Place Milton. "Tournée," she would say, gesturing over-easy with her hands. "Tournée" say a legion of McGill students. Breakfast French is learned, which rhymes not only with "turned" but Phys-Ed.

There never were a lot of jocks, but a lot more yuppies after the renovations, and a deux-ouefs-bacon combo is now $2.50 more.

The Madame is gone.

_ tobias c. van Veen
_ photo: Tanya Goehring
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2006 05 30


Underneath McGill as underneath all cities are a series of tunnels.

The groundless underground.

Some exist, some don't. Some tunnels are projected only in imaginary maps for future digging, maps found tacked in between the rotten walls and peeling ceilings. These tunnels wind at a gentle incline around corners protected by mirrors. The blindspot is anticipated in such curves and the mirror in its circularity warns you of what lies ahead. The walls glide past like a Kubrick frame.

The paint flakes in aesthetic geometrics in the hopes of attracting Tarkovsky's ghost.

Locked for the summer.

_ tobias c. van Veen
_ photo: Tanya Goehring
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2006 05 29


One particular district of the City is finding itself revitalized. Life is being injected here although penetration is already established in latex and needles that puncture flesh. Piston-like.

An oasis erupted. Its beams left a scar where nothing happened. A homeless man practiced his blues guitar except this was his home, while certainly the '80s hair metal band practicing in the building alongside did not live here.

Neither do we.

_ tobias c. van Veen
_ photo: Tanya Goehring

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2006 05 28
The Alstom Series: The End 6
By Diana Shearwood


Diana Shearwood is a Montréal-based photographer who combines traditional photography and digital technology. Over the last eight years she has produced series of large format photographs which document the built environment. Her focus is on architectural ruins where people are rarely in evidence. She is particularly interested in the search for the “Accidental Monument” whether it be an abandoned industrial space, a forgotten motel in the desert, or an unnoticed urban overpass.

Solo exhibitions of her work have been presented at The Darling Foundry, Le Mois de la photo à Montréal, Galerie Éric Devlin, Quartier Éphémère, Galerie Luz, Stephen Bulger Gallery in Toronto, and in group shows as part of Le Printemps du Québec à Paris [Main d’oeuvre/Usine Éphémère], Québec à New York 2001 [
Silophone/The Kitchen], Obsolescence [Silos du Canada Maltage/La maison de la culture Marie-Uguay], and at Silver Eye Centre for Photography Members' Gallery [Pittsburgh] and Western Front [Vancouver]. Her images can be found in private and public collections including the Canada Council Art Bank, Fasken Martineau, and the University of Texas (Austin) School of Architecture.
[email this story] Posted by Alexandra McIntosh on 05/28
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